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C.I.E. (Cristaudo’s Industrial Electrics)

Power Solutions

We continue to be at the forefront of underground metalliferous mining

Power is critical when it comes to working underground. We know – we’ve been there and continue to be at the forefront of underground metalliferous mining. CIE have been serving the power needs of mining and industrial customers, around Australia and the world, for over 28 years.  We specialise in power generation and electrical distribution equipment for hard rock mining applications. We know what matters most when it comes to power generation, and that’s why we only supply the most efficient and reliable equipment available on the market today, at very competitive prices.

We are very familiar with protection requirements as per the current AS/NZ 4871. We offer specifications to our customers.

Our Power Solutions Experience

CIE has set up diesel generator-powered sites that have ranged from 30 KVA right through to 5 MVA 24/7 run sets, capable of generating electricity supply for mining operations, mine sites or small towns for many years.

We offer service and hire for a wide range of needs, including: 440/1000/11,000 volt mining electrical switchgear, diesel power generation 10 KVA–2000 KVA single gensets, diesel power stations to 10 megawatts, RMUs, distribution boards, LCUs/LCSs (local control stations), single and multiple fan starters, transportable mining substations, and transportable pump stations.

CIE is a distributor for Tecnogen. Tecnogen was developed for the professional power market, with hire, mining, utility emergency response, construction, and military applications. Tecnogen is designed and built for use in particularly heavy working conditions and on uneven ground such as on quarries and mining sites. We are very proud to be the first company in the Australasia region to offer the revolutionary ultra-silent, compact, environmentally friendly power packs that offer the lowest noise levels in the market at a continuous operating temperature of up to 55°C.

We are committed to you and the equipment we supply. We have invested heavily in inventory, to ensure that we have the spares and skills on hand to keep you running.